Monday, February 21, 2011

I am really starting to dislike my cable company...

Well about a week ago.. they decided to switch our channels around and even didn't bother to send out a notice or even a guide to the channel switch. I am not upset about that what I am upset about is a favorite show. I am a BIG wrestling fan and I have been since I been born. Well tonight on Monday night RAW.. it was in Spanish....what.. why would it be in Spanish on the USA channel. It has never been in Spanish before. So I called my best friend to see if their channel was in Spanish and she told me that hers have a lag. The wrestlers will talk about 5 seconds later.. their words come out. I will be calling the company tomorrow and complaining. I have only missed wrestling 5 times in my whole life.. (well maybe more when I was younger.. but I don't really remember)... I just had to vent because I am missing my RAW!!!!

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